Schnitzel 6

Here are some of our favorite Christmas Dogs of War tunes from over the years. Give a listen and then give a lot….to a family in need!

Come out to the show on December 17th to hear all of this year’s bands or just click Donate to give what you can. New this year – buy a t-shirt or framed original artwork by Mike Grau. All proceeds go to a local family fighting cancer.

You can listen and sing along right here (like Schnitzel is over there) or right-click the titles to download the mp3 file. Enjoy!

Big Daddy and the Death Machine

Ignoring Christmas
Jim Sorensen

The Little Drummer Boy
Grau, Sollecito and Manzo

Oh, Gamera
Grau, Sollecito and Green

Christmas Time is Over Now

Red’s Christmas
Mickey Barba

Rosanda Grau

Deck the Three Kings in a Hurricane
Mike Grau

Disco Christmas
Ed Melee

Do You Hear What I Hear?
The KGBeats

Christmas Shaman Boogie Loop
Ed Melee

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Jim Sorensen

Herbie the Dentist
Grau and Manzo

Viener Rock Christmas

Christmas Bundle Baby
Big Daddy and the Death Machine

Tom Melee

Joe Sardoni

Rosanda Grau

4 Days Off for Christmas
Big Daddy and the Death Machine

Egyptian Christmas
Mike Grau

Depression Bells
Mike Grau